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The Geek Getaway gaming news round up for 8/26/2019 to 9/1/2019 [Updated on Oct. 19,2019]

Night in the Woods Developer Alec Holowka committed suicide
Game programmer, designer, and musician Alec Holowka took his life on August 31st 2019 after, according to his sister, "battling mood and personality disorders through his life." His sister added that Alec "was a victim of abuse" but she has yet to clarify her statement. Whatever your thoughts about Alec as a person, he helped to create many fun and beautiful games and we should allow the dead to rest in peace.

Yakuza: Like a Dragon is announced
This is the seventh game in the main Yakuza franchise and it is coming to the US sometime in 2020. The game will star new protagonist Ichiban Kasuga. Kasuga will beat down rival Yakuza thugs in a turn based combat system, a departure from the traditional Yakuza gameplay. Additionally the game takes place in Yokohama, will have a female co-star, and will act as a sort of origin story for Kasuga. The last bit seems to impy there are plans, shoud Yakuza 7 sell well, to continue the adventures of Kasuga in future Yakuza games. As more information becomes available for this game we will be sure to report on it.

PS Plus comes hard in September with 2 AAA games for free
Starting September 3rd, and continuing until the end of the month, PS Plus member can download Batman Arkham Knight and Darksiders III for free. Both games were highly anticipated sequels that fell short of expectations, however if you don't own either or both of these than they are more than worth the free price tag slapped on them as part of the PS Plus service. 

Hollywood is looking to ruin more of your favorite video games
Minecraft, Tetris, Monster Hunter, and several other video games are going to be hitting movie screens within the next 5 years. While movies like Mortal Kombat, which is getting a new movie, and Super Mario Bros. scarred a generation of gamers it looks like the current generation will soon know the joys of seeing their favorite games turned into abominations. 

Project Resistance is teased
Little is known about this new game from Capcom but it is said to be a part of the Resident Evil franchise. There are "leaked screenshots" floating around the internet purporting to show the games new protagonist but we have yet to receive confirmation from Capcom if these leaks are legit or not. A teaser trailer is set to drop September 9th, so we will have more information about the game after it releases.

@PanKoto won the Geek Getaway Ion Fury giveaway
Everyone at the Geek Getaway would like to thank all the participants in the Ion Fury giveaway contest. It was a successful contest and we would love to do more of these in the future.

[update: turns out the person I plugged is one of the least knowledgable game reviewrs I have ever seen. I will look at people a lot closer before I plug them from now on.]

Today's fanart is from Deshawn Curtis AKA CurtisCraetez 
Deshawn has a lot of fantastic video game and comic book inspired artwork on his instagram page and I recomend you give him a follow as he is improving his craft every day. If you know a content creator or artist who we should highlight at The Geek Getaway feel free to reach out to me on Twitter or leave a comment on this post.

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