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Damascus Gear: Operation Osaka now out on Nintendo Switch

Damascus Gear: Operation Osaka landed on Nintendo Switch eShop today, August 29th, 2019, after already spending almost 6 months on the Playstation 4 PSN, PS Vita PSN, and PC via Steam. The game features single player mech battling action. I would almost call it Armored Core with a Front Mission perspective. The game will cost you $19.99, which seems to be quite a deal for all the features listed in the game. For those unfamiliar with the Damascus Gear series we are provided a short synopsis by Arc System Works Co., Ltd., the publisher behind the franchise.
The GEAR System was revealed by the Atsuga Corporation, allowing for the perfection of piloted humanoid robots called GEARs. With the outbreak of World War Four in 2050 and the loss of control of the GEAR System that followed, the world changed completely. Berserk GEARs became known as RAGE, and combat GEARs around the world began a total massacre of humanity. The war between humans and RAGE was exceedingly fierce, but over 50 years after the war began, humanity reclaimed Japan from the RAGE.
30 years later, a beacon of light and hope, the Cosmopolis was built upon Osaka. A pilot with an inherited GEAR and huge debt sets out with his Operator to become a Ranker in the Arena. It will not be a story for the history books, but simply a battle for their freedom...

The features of the game are listed below:
  • ARENA MODE: Fight action packed battles against other mechs to win both money and Arena Points. Obtaining Arena Points increases your rank, opening up more opportunity. The fights can range between intense 1v1 clashes to having a variety of special conditions to win. 
  • MISSION MODE: Explore the Cosmopolis dungeon, a sprawling area that changes every time you enter, to collect parts and other items for your GEAR. Raise your rank in the Arena to unlock more difficult dungeons, and complete special sub missions to unlock bonus rewards.
  • GEAR CUSTOMIZATION: Make changes to and customize your GEAR, in an unprecedented amount of ways! With over 1000 parts, 80 unique traits to choose from, 4 different mech varieties, and custom paint jobs, your GEAR will become truly yours.
  • PILOT UPGRADES: A first for the series, level up and customize your GEAR pilot as well, choosing from five different stats to build up.
  • EXPANSIVE CAST OF CHARACTERS:Over 40 unique characters to interact with as the story progresses.
  • PROCEDURAL ARENAS: Never fight on the same map twice! New routes, treasures, and enemies await you each time you take on a mission. 
  • DATA MODE: Contains the Damascus Gear timeline, glossary of terms, explanations of parts and traits, and more. Dive deep into the world of Damascus Gear!
If the game sounds like something you might be interested in then I suggest you take a quick look at the gameplay video I embedded below. In my opinion this looks like a pretty good game and one that would scratch my mech itch. I'm actually quite disappointed that I hadn't heard about this game until today as I probably would have scooped it up on PS4 when it released back in March.

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