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Coming soon to Steam: Panzer Corps 2

Developer Flashback Games and publisher Slitherine LTD. team up once again to bring you the sequel to their hit WW II strategy game, Panzer Corps. Panzer Corps 2 is promising to be bigger and better looking than its predecessor. There is no release date or price set for this game, but it is currently in beta testing.

 Panzer Corps 2 has been in development for four years at this point but Flashback Games are insistent they will only release it when it is ready. In fact, they were asked when the game would be ready and answered "When it is ready. We are clearly getting very close now, because all major features which we planned for this game are already implemented. However, after 4 years of development, it would be foolish to rush and release an unstable game. A lot will depend on how the beta testing progresses."

Panzer Corps 2 is being touted as an easy to play, hard to master type of game. The kind of game that you continually learn as you play, picking up new tricks and strategies with each victory and/or defeat. In fact, the developers have said that making quality decisions will take you much further than making hasty ones. Learning to utilize all the little systems at play will be the key to racking up victories in this game.

That said, let's take a look at two of the systems, or mechanics if you will, that are in the game. Weather will have an affect on units, decreasing things like movement and visibility during storms. With that in mind you could use the weather to sneak units past enemies, set up ambushes, or flee from a pursuer. There is also the ability to capture enemy equipment. I can't say exactly what this would entail, but the wheels in my head are spinning at the possibility to use enemy tanks and such against them. If you can't go that far in the game, I'm sure you can at least capture supplies and ammo. Being able to limit the fighting capabilities of your enemies by capturing their supplies would add a unique wrinkle into the strategy game formula.

With that said I would like to note that the developers have said you can play as every major power in the European theatre of war during WWII. With that in mind, the game boasts over 1000 unique units to unleash. Each one based on real life WWII units and recreated to the best of the developers ability. No other game in has this many authentic WWII vehicles available for use.

Lots of units is nice, but if there is no content to use them in it's all a big waste. Well, Panzer Corps 2 comes packed with a massive branching 60 campaign single player scenario. Additionally, there are 10 more single player scenarios not connected to the campaign, 10 multiplayer scenarios, and a skirmish mode with an advanced random map generator featuring six distinct map types and four mission types. All this is in addition to the most powerful scenario editor ever created by Flashback Games. Needless to say, there is plenty of content for you to sink your teeth into. As a huge fan of these types of games I am looking forward to the release of Panzer Corps 2.

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