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5 Things We Want Added To Fallout 4!

There is no such thing as a perfect game, but Fallout 4 comes damn close in my opinion. The story is interesting, the atmosphere is spot on, and the DLC is some of the best offered for a game to date. Speaking of DLC, Nuka World has barely been out for a month at the time I am writing this and people are already wanting more. So, in the spirit of wanting more I present to you 5 Things We Want Added To Fallout 4! Please note I am sure all of these things can and probably are available as a mod but A) That is not an option on PS4 and B) As good as mods are, they aren't canon.

#5: Wild Synth Animals!
Clayton Holdren introduces the Survivor to the idea of synthetic animals by showing off a pair of synthetic Silverback gorillas. Now, if the Institute is looking to use Synths to terraform the planet or repopulate the Earth back to the way it was before the war then I think we should see a lot more sythetic animals roaming around. I think Fallout 4 needs to add an area that the Institute has been trying to return to pre-war times and so we see elephants, lions, gazelle, and other animals from pre-war Africa that the Survivor could hunt and gather different items from to use in crafting.

#4: Become a Raider or Gunner!
After helping settlement after settlement, you just want to run around killing, stealing, and sticking it to Preston Garvey! With so many Raiders out there, why can't we don some Raider gear and just sign up to be part of the rag tag group of Mad Max rejects? Adding this ability would have the bonus benefit of allowing you to enter the Combat Zone and actually participate in gambling, drinking, and cage fighting. We already know there is an unused basement to the Combat Zone so why not just finish the area Bethesda and let us be Raiders for a bit. The Gunners are almost the opposite of The Raiders, but just like them we can neither join, help, or do jobs for them. I suggest Bethesda allow us to pick up mercenary work for The Gunners and hunt down various members of other factions, capture areas or objects for The Gunners, and earn Caps while we do so.

#3: Become a Synth or Super Mutant!
Two of the most interesting things in the Commonwealth are the Synths and the Super Mutants, yet we are never able to become either one even though doing so would be very easy to pull off. Synths are merely people or robots whose brain patterns/consciousness were placed in humanoid/cyborg bodies. Why not let the Survivor decide to become a Synth and permenately alter their SPECIAL ability limits by making their inteligence, endurance, and perception limits 13 but bringing their agility, strenth, and charisma limits down to 7. Similirly, you should be able to inject yourself with the Forced Evolution Virus and turn into a Super Mutant altering the SPECIAL limits in reverse to the Synth's new limits. In addition to turning into either one of these, doing so should unlock the ability to lead a faction of Synths or Super Mutants across the Commonwealth clashing with whatever faction you sided with when you finished the original story of Fallout 4.

#2: Unlock the Glowing One Ability!
In Fallout 4 you can already unlock various perks to bring you emulate Ghouls, but there is no way for you to unlock the unique abilities of The Glowing Ones. I suggest adding a new perk that allows you to become a Glowing One if you absord too much radiation. This would allow you to lead Ghouls after your enemies, make feral ghouls non hostile toward you, and give off radition damage to nearby enemies. The downside would be not being able to sleep, harming anyone nearby even if they are non-hostile settlers, and having your settlment defenses as well as Diamond City security target you.

#1: Gatherers!
Now, one of the things Bethesda is known for is the subpar AI when it comes to NPCs and companions. Now, everyone and their mother has already complained about companions so I won't be talking about that. No, I want to discuss the wasted potential in Settlers. You see, so much time is wasted going back and forth from various locations to one of your settlements in order to loot the area completely. This time is almost tripled if you play Survial Difficulty and can no longer fast travel between locations. What I would love to be able to do is clear out a location of enemies, go back to a settlement and assign a settler or two to clearing the loacation of anything I left laying around. Bethesda could add some sort of time until completion based on distance from the settlement and how many settlers you assign to the task. This would free the player up to continue playing the game and not spend so much time lugging desk fans back and forth.

BONUS: A Giant Otopus Enemy!
With all the water around Mirelurks can not be the only sea life that thrived from the raditaion. Give me a giant octopus enemy because that would be awesome!

Do you want to see these things in Fallout 4? Do you have some things on your Fallout 4 wish list that I didn't mention? As always. feel free to comment, like, share, tweet, or whatever other thing you kids do on your social media these days.

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