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Captain American Civil War Trailer 2 thoughts

By now a lot of you have seen the second trailer for Captain America: Civil War and are having as much trouble as I am getting your jaw off the ground. The action, the drama, the Spider-Man! So much was revealed and so many questions were raised by this trailer I could write an entire series of post about it, but I'll try to keep it all contained into this one post. Now, before I get into the trailer with my thoughts please note that I am not going to pick out every single Easter egg, nor am I going to discuss it frame by frame. If you want that go to another blog here you're just going to get my thoughts on a few key points from the trailer, a bit of speculation, and maybe a few questions that no one has the answers to just yet. Also note I won't be going over things we already learned from the first trailer, so despite new glimpses of the fights in the movie I won't be talking about them. Alright then, let me share with you my thoughts on the second Captain America: Civil War trailer.

Right off the bat this trailer hits us with all the death and destruction caused by the Avengers or because of least that's what public opinion in their universe seems to think. With that said, their doesn't seem to be a big superhero blunder like in the comics version of Civil War. This will probably mean that fans of the movie version will be less likely to side with Iron Man side of the conflict. Sure, one could argue that Ultron was created by Tony Stark and Bruce Banner and therefore they are responsible for the destruction in Sokovia, but unlike the Stamford Incident in the comics where the New Warriors' antics caused the supervillain Nitro to explode and kill 612 people, many small children, the lives lost in Sokovia were not as numerous. Also, unlike the Stamford Incident the Sokovia Tragedy was caused solely by Ultron and only a select few would even know of Iron Man's involvement in his creation. Therefore I feel like we are not being shown something, the true cause for the Superhuman Registration Act and the heart of the Civil War. Will it be a Stamford Incident like event? Will we see the fight between the Hulk and Iron in Avengers Age of Ultron actually be the reason for the Superhuman Registration Act and it is only not being shown during the trailer because the Hulk will not be in the movie?

The next big reveal is The Raft, which as all comic fans know is the superhuman prison built to house those criminals regular prisons just can't hold. Now in the trailer for Captain America: Civil War all we see is an exterior shot of the prison rising up and an interior shot of Tony inside an empty prison but I have to believe we will see one or more of the villains of the movie, Helmut Zemo, Crossbones, and Klaw either wind up in there during the course of the movie or right at the end. With that said I also see the possibility of the Raft being filled up over the course of the movie will a host of B-level villains making cameos at the end of the film, not unlike The Collectors' collection in Guardians of the Galaxy.

The Next big "oh my God" moment for me was the shot of Scarlett Witch taking down The Vision. Now a lot of people might think that this shot, heck this entire idea of Scarlett Witch taking out the Vision is just plain dumb, but I think it is secretly genius. As we know The Vision is powered by the Mind Gem and the Scarlett Witch's powers affect...that is right, the mind! Not only does this scene make perfect sense I believe it holds the key to Thanos' defeat in the upcoming Avengers Infinity War movies. Think of how awesome it is going to be to see Thanos and Scarlett Witch battle on the mental plane as so many characters have done in the comics. This scene also adds another wrinkle to this movie and will lead to the entire reason for another scene in the film... You see everyone thinks that the Vision is super powerful, but if he gets taken down so easily Tony Stark will be forced to call on someone else as his ace in the hole. I think you all know who I mean, but that will wait until later.

As we can see from the above GIF, Crossbones seems to be punching Captain America in some foreign country. With Klaw being in the movie I can easily see this as a battle taking place in Wakanda between Zemo's forces and Captain America. This would make perfect sense as it not only gives the Black Panther a reason to help Captain America, a guy who went out of his way to protect Wakanda, but also help to highlight the need for the Superhuman Registration Act as at least two new superhumans, Crossbones and The Black Panther, would debut during this battle. The only questions I have are will this battle be a rogue operation Captain America undertakes without S.H.I.E.L.D. permission as Wakanda is a sovereign nation or does Iron Man and company also participate?

Now we come to the thing that everyone is talking about....Spider-Man! Now, I am not a huge Spider-Man fan but I was marking out pretty hard for his appearance here. Not only does the costume look more in line with the comics version than any previous attempts, but his eyes adjusted to show emotion. Not only that, but his on. That is the kind of voice, nerdish but with a bit of cockiness, that I hear when I read a Spider-Man comic book. Lastly, the sound of the webs was just so crisp and exactly what I though web shooters would sound like. Now, I am going to speculate a bit here and say this fight and the reveal of Spider-Man takes place near the middle of the film. Spider-Man tipping the scales in favor of Iron Man's side forcing cap to go completely underground. I say this based on War Machine and The Vision still being active which indicates none of the big battles we have been teased have happened yet. Another possibility, since this is an airport battle, that Captain America and crew have just returned from Wakanda or are trying to fly over there and this is Iron Man's attempt to capture or stop them. I want to believe this is midway through the film or earlier to give Spider-Man time to switch sides like he did in the comic books and possibly get that cool Iron Spider costume Stark builds for him in those same comics.

Well folks, those are just my initial thoughts. After I have had some time to really break down the trailer, here other speculation, and dig deeper into set leaks I'll be back with some thoughts on what I want from this movie and what I hope the don't even tease. Feel free to comment, like, share, or whatever other thing you kids do on your social media these days.

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